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Luke Cooper

The Eshop Spring Sale 2020

Twitter Facebook Spotify Apple Soundcloud The Eshop Spring Sale 2020 Games you should be checking out Moonlighter, Golf Story, The Messenger, Transistor, Bastion, Steamworld games (yes, all of them), Gris,

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Laurie Eggman

Not Tonight – The Switch Island Review

Not Tonight’s willingness to tackle weighty topics (however cack-handedly), a hugely satisfying core gameplay loop and gorgeous art and sound design all stand strongly in its favour. However, horrible controls and some disastrous design decisions really did undermine this for me and leave me fed up with playing it.

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Steve Leyland

Golazo – The Switch Island Review

Golazo! is an arcade football game that evokes the early 90s in both its aesthetics and its game design. But sadly, it also evokes the imprecision and frustration of playing those older games as well.

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Andrew Dickinson

GRID Autosport – The Switch Island Review

The Switch isn’t a natural fit for simulation racing games. The Joy Cons, even the Pro Controller, don’t boast analog triggers, meaning that precision acceleration and braking can only be

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Richard Elsey


Rich, our resident island barber, wants you to sit down in his chair for a chat and a trim. This week, he’s raging about EA.   Twas the Year of

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Mario or Smario

By popular demand, we’ve put together an entire Mario or Smario episode, invited on two of our lovely patrons & lumbered them with our in-house numpties to compete for a

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The Switch Island Guide to… SEGA

Join Dan, Mark, Ben and “Qualified SEGA Historian” Rich as we present our guide to Nintendo’s old nemesis-turned-BFF, SEGA. Hosted by @DannyWard2707, @SmarkTweeter and @benjicong with special guest @DreamcastBarber iTunes

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>OBSERVER_ : Impressions

I was immediately excited for this game. An investigative horror game set in a Blade Runner-y dystopia! Not only did I start thinking about re-reading everything by Philip K Dick,

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The Smashcast – Episode 1

In our latest Let’s Play series ‘The Smashcast’, Dan tries his absolute best to stop being a n00b at Super Smash Bros Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch! YouTube link –

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