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Mario or Smario

By popular demand, we’ve put together an entire Mario or Smario episode, invited on two of our lovely patrons & lumbered them with our in-house numpties to compete for a […]

The Switch Island Guide to… SEGA

Join Dan, Mark, Ben and “Qualified SEGA Historian” Rich as we present our guide to Nintendo’s old nemesis-turned-BFF, SEGA. Hosted by @DannyWard2707, @SmarkTweeter and @benjicong with special guest @DreamcastBarber iTunes […]

The Switch Island Guide to… The Messenger

Join Dan, Mark & Ben as they take a spoiler-filled deep dive into The Messenger on Nintendo Switch. Hosted by @DannyWard2707, @SmarkTweeter and @benjicong iTunes | Soundcloud | Stitcher | […]

The Smashcast – Episode 1

In our latest Let’s Play series ‘The Smashcast’, Dan tries his absolute best to stop being a n00b at Super Smash Bros Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch! YouTube link – […]

Golf Story – The Switch Island Review

From tee to green, Golf Story entertains and challenges you in equal measure. From its lush retro style and its hilarious tongue-in-cheek dry humour, to the excellent use of the […]