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Category: Reviews

Golazo – The Switch Island Review

Golazo! is an arcade football game that evokes the early 90s in both its aesthetics and its game design. But sadly, it also evokes the imprecision and frustration of playing those older games as well.

Freedom Finger – The Switch Island Review

Take Cuphead, swap out the Fleischer Brothers-inspired animation for MTV’s adult animation output from the 90s and you’ll end up with Freedom Finger. The game has a premise that sounds […]

GRID Autosport – The Switch Island Review

The Switch isn’t a natural fit for simulation racing games. The Joy Cons, even the Pro Controller, don’t boast analog triggers, meaning that precision acceleration and braking can only be […]

Sea King – The Switch Island Review

The game offers itself as a top down shooter, with up to four ships available in any scenario.  The overall look of the game is quite nice, nothing revolutionary, but […]

Timespinner – The Switch Island Review

There’s something authentically old fashioned about Timespinner, as if it too has travelled back in time like its protagonist Lunais. It was this ‘90s look that pulled me in at […]

Castlevania Anniversary Collection

For Konami’s 50th Anniversary, Castlevania has its origin story retold with a collection of fondly remembered classics and long lost oddities. Just in case the word Castlevania is meaningless to […]