Owlboy – The Switch Island Review

There are some games that manage to capture an elusive something. Owlboy is one of those games. My worry with this review is that I’ve failed to capture exactly what […]

Goetia – The Switch Island Review

Goetia, in case you’ve forgotten, is a practice that includes the summoning of demons. We’ve been pronouncing it go-ay-sha (please let me know if that’s wrong). The demons have an […]

Element – The Switch Island Review

“Home no longer provides a means to survive. A fight for resources to escape our system has begun. The future lies beyond…” The opening text is displayed with a glowing, […]

Darkest Dungeon – The Switch Island Review

Hear my confession, Lord: I’ve fallen deep into the slimy well of despair and disillusion that is Darkest Dungeon. This game begs for Lovecraftian sentences just like that, but it’s […]

Golf Story – The Switch Island Review

From tee to green, Golf Story entertains and challenges you in equal measure. From its lush retro style and its hilarious tongue-in-cheek dry humour, to the excellent use of the […]