Castlevania Anniversary Collection

For Konami’s 50th Anniversary, Castlevania has its origin story retold with a collection of fondly remembered classics and long lost oddities. Just in case the word Castlevania is meaningless to […]

E3 2019 – Reactions & Hot Takes

Our E3 hot take & reaction podcast is LIVE – take a listen to three men losing their collective shit. Podcast Links iTunes – (link: Stitcher – (link: […]

Gato Roboto – The Switch Island Review

Sure, the Pharaohs loved cats but the internet really really loves them. And the internet has game developers. I can’t say I foresaw a cat hero in a science-fiction Metroid-style […]

Mario or Smario

By popular demand, we’ve put together an entire Mario or Smario episode, invited on two of our lovely patrons & lumbered them with our in-house numpties to compete for a […]

Vaporum – The Switch Island Review

Another brilliant RPG for Nintendo Switch Remember those old fashioned grid based Windows screensavers from Windows 98? Ever wished that you could play it as a game? Wish no more! […]

Anodyne – The Switch Island Review

Anodyne is a top down, Zelda-like adventure game in the 16bit style reminiscent of the SNES era. It initially came out in 2013 for Steam, and was later released on […]

Firewatch – The Switch Island Review

Taking place in 1989, Firewatch is a first-person adventure set in Wyoming’s Shoshone National Forest. You play as Henry, a man whose life has been turned upside down by personal […]

The Switch Island Guide to… SEGA

Join Dan, Mark, Ben and “Qualified SEGA Historian” Rich as we present our guide to Nintendo’s old nemesis-turned-BFF, SEGA. Hosted by @DannyWard2707, @SmarkTweeter and @benjicong with special guest @DreamcastBarber iTunes […]

FOX n FORESTS – The Switch Island Interview

FOX n FORESTS is a stunning 16-bit side-scrolling platform video game developed by German studio Bonus Level Entertainment. I took time to sit down with game director and studio co-founder […]