To explain why we’re doing this would be pointless.

If you’re here, then you love video games just as much as we do and our reasons won’t need justifying, in fact, they’d probably be rather dull.

You will know the worlds we’ve visited, saved, inhabited, and even destroyed. The countless jumps, dodges, swipes, explosions, ups, and even the downs that have kept us captivated and invested in each life we’ve lived, loved, and lost.

We adore games and we want to talk about them with you.

Within the myriad of consoles and the swathe of technology, there sits a Japanese developer that’s just a little bit different from the rest. Whilst their competition chose to invest heavily in 4K and virtual reality, Nintendo didn’t just opt to rewrite the conventional rule book when creating their coveted Switch, they tore it up instead.

This console got its claws into all of us. it happily has taken away hours of our free time and started conversations on from topics that debate the way it looks, the way it plays, and even the insatiable way Nintendo is bringing out an endless array of quality games.

That’s why we’re here – to discuss, dissect, and debate all of the good and bad twists and turns that Nintendo takes along with the wonderful games and content that is planned on their latest console.

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We hope you enjoy the site, the podcast, and our content – sincerely, from all of us, welcome to the island.

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