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Snipperclips – The Switch Island Review

Snipperclips: Cut It Out, Together! + DLC

Certain gaming experiences become indelibly associated with the new feature of a particular console. On Nintendo 64, Mario gave us our first use of an analogue stick. On the Wii, our Miis swung tennis rackets and bowled strikes, as we stood up (what?!) and swung (what?!) our controllers around. On the Wii U’s NintendoLand we experienced games split across two screens. Something about those initial impressions sticks in the mind. The Switch has several of these new ways to play, as Nintendo likes to phrase it. And one of the best is sliding off a Joy-Con for multiplayer, perhaps to hand it to an apprehensive family member. It is a joy, and in this series I want to highlight the best couch multiplayer experiences on the system… starting with Snipperclips.

Snipperclips is for 2-4 players. Each plays as a cup-shaped character. You can rotate, jump, crouch and stretch. Each level is a one-screen puzzle requiring you to cooperate to solve. To solve, you need to form different shapes. And here’s the rub: You can only form those shapes by being cut by a fellow player or cutting them out. Cutting is satisfying and hilarious. Initial plays – especially with 4 players and/or children – will almost certainly include at least one player going on a cutting rampage. But it’s all family fun: once cut past a certain point, a character is reformed.

Once everyone calms down, you can start solving. The puzzles vary in difficulty and in perspicuity. An example would be getting a basketball into a hoop. Others are much more fiendish. I’ve played all of the levels in two player mode and I’ve played many of them with four players. Playing with a competent second player is good – especially the DLC worlds, where the level design is at its most imaginative – but in the four player Party Mode, the game is a riot and really shines.  

The Snipperclips Plus DLC adds two extra worlds, some extra competitive modes, and the option to play through many of the levels starting as a random shape. This is DLC to buy if you’re looking for more content rather than an add-on that improves the basic experience. For £8.99 it’s a snip.  

A year or so in, it’s easy to forget how crazy the Switch is: it’s bundled with two controllers that are also the one-player controls of the main console! It’s still extraordinary that it works at all. For me, I like it when a game leads the way. It looked as if 1-2-Switch was going to be that game, but it was Snipperclips at our house. It might not have the sales of Wii Sports (1 million vs 45 million!), but it really is the perfect game to show the Switch to someone.

Snipperclips is bright, colourful, quirky, hilarious and crafty – in every sense of the word. If you’re looking for a game to play cooperatively or to bring many hours of hilarity to a family gathering (with no-one standing-up) then this is would be high on a list of recommendations. 

Shout at your family and make it legitimate with this classic Switch co-op game. 

£17.99 for Snipperclips: Cut It Out, Together! 

£8.99 for Snipperclips Plus!

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